MayDay Parade!

One of the events I thoroughly enjoy, and look forward to every year is the MayDay parade. An event that not only acts as a major confluence of art, music, and dancing, but also touches upon various social and political causes that affect the local community, country, and the world. It is incredible to see so many people working so hard, and coming together to raise awareness through art. Just like me, there are thousands more who await this day every year.

I have been going to the parade for four years now,  and I plan to not stop going in the future! Big crowds of like minded people congregating for this parade gives me hope that many of us are keen on learning about what’s going on around us – low wages, police brutality, global warming, barrel bombing, 9/11 conspiracies, to name a few  – and plan to do whatever we can to make some positive impact in our lives.

You will see some galleries below of photos from each year’s MayDay parade. One thing you will probably notice is that although these photos are capturing the social messages and the getting together of the local community, they also focus on specific individuals, the role they play as part of the parade, and their interactions with others in their immediate surroundings.

I hope you like these photos.

MayDay Parade May 7, 2017


MayDay Parade May 1, 2016


MayDay Parade May 3, 2015

MayDay Parade May 4, 2014


Lætitia Tamko of Vagabon

I like her a lot. I have started listening to her while I write in the mornings. Her voice is just so perpetually soothing, and her mannerism blows me away. How can someone be so soft spoken, and polite? I want to sit under a tree with her and just listen to her talk about things for hours. Her voice is just so therapeutic. It is also powerful yet kind. Her guitar picking and distortion add excitement to somewhat ephemeral melancholy brought by her singing.

Dimmed lights recommended.


Image Source: Village Voice

People Watching

I hear folks say that they are going out for “people watching”. If not, wherever they are going, they say “people watching” would be spectacular there. But, aren’t those “people” saying the same thing about them?

Invariably, we are all a part of a massive people watching phenomenon! Unknowingly, we end up entertaining each other, and finally end up on the Internet.

Reasons Why I Love Libraries

Third floor on the Central Library in Downtown Minneapolis. To the left and right are just stacks of shelves, and in the center is the computer area where people come and use them for various purposes.

I have been part of the coffee shop culture for a long time. I have frequented them enough to be called a regular. Like many others, I don’t go there necessarily for the beverages, but to get work done. I sit there for an hour or so, and write, periodically sipping on my beverage. Coffee shops are fine, but it is easy to get distracted there. Music, people going in and out, sometimes people chatting fairly loudly..

There’s nothing wrong with any of that, really. I, personally, get distracted by all of that. It doesn’t help either that these coffee shops are really tiny at times. It’s not easy to escape the hullabaloo.

I function quite well when it’s quiet around me, especially when I am required to read and comprehend something.

So, why do I love libraries?

Libraries are the exact opposite. Their gargantuan sizes spoil me – what floor should I go to today? Where should I sit? A desk or a couch? By the giant windows that would let me look at the hustle and bustle of the city but not hear any of it? Or by the exhibition room that shows art work by local artists? Just entering a library is an activity in itself because I have to make all these exciting decisions as I approach the main floor. Having procured a seat, I can’t help but notice how quiet everything around me is. Everyone maintains the sanctity of the library, and avoids unnecessary chatter. For me, that is a great start to my reading and writing. I can now spend hours going through my material without getting distracted by movement of people. There’s no one playing chess around me either.

The sizes of libraries always fascinate me. Extremely high ceilings, huge walls, open spaces, and yet, there are so many shelves of books around me. In the middle, there are people working on computers – filling up application forms, watching YouTube videos, going through semi-nude photos – there is so much a library accommodates! It doesn’t just hold furniture and books but also gives space to people to accomplish what they had in mind when they entered the library.

Every library is an architectural marvel. The one I go to, Central Library in Downtown Minneapolis, is a beauty made of glass and steel. Everything is clean and transparent, and the structure of the building is so gorgeous that it makes me stare at it in awe every time I approach it. It is always nice to work in a building you admire.

Libraries give me the energy to accomplish my goals. Sometimes, it almost feels like it looks after me – there is a subtle, positive energy I feel inside a library. The library really wants me to succeed. I don’t feel that energy in a coffee shop.

Our cities have provided us with a very important asset. Many of us overlook it, and don’t give it much importance. I, cherish our libraries. They are not only a tremendous source of knowledge for me, but they give me a space to grow and evolve. They welcome me, and make me feel  comfortable.

That is why I love libraries.

Image Gallery:

This Is The Beginning

Messy Desk


My brain, just like yours and everyone else’s, is full of thoughts, ideas, and ramblings. It is like a very busy city that has a lot of traffic and people. The only difference is that people living in that city have destinations to go to, but thoughts in my brain don’t. They keep circling within, and constantly remind me that I should do something with them – either implement them into positive actions or just get rid of them. Sometimes these thoughts excite me, other times they bother me.

Well, that’s nothing new. We all are like that.

I dabble in a lot of things, and I have lots of ideas (I really do!) as well as several random thoughts. I thought that writing and sharing them somewhere would help me do something with them. Some of you may even read them, and either like them or think they are just dumb. Or boring. Or just ordinary.

That’s totally okay.

This section (“Reverie”) will have random thoughts and musings. You may find them interesting and thought provoking, or just utter shit. Depends on who you are as a person.

Through this website though, I would like to share with you the world I live in – it comprises of technology, data, cooking, art, music, outdoorsy things, photography, and of course, my brain. I hope you find some of it useful, or maybe even a tad bit entertaining. If you think it’s another shitty website with nothing substantial to offer, then I am sorry for wasting your time.

Welcome to my world.