Over Exxposure

For a couple of years now, I have been playing with over exposing my photos to add emphasis/attention to certain things in the photo that may not be so visibly apparent, were the photos set to the correct exposure. When I look at those new found elements, I start wondering about them, and sometimes cook up stories in my head to reinforce their presence. In my opinion, the extra white in the photos make them appealing in a different way – to me they emphasize on minimalism to a large extent. The clutter created by objects, people, buildings, traffic, things around us can be easily ignored if we train our eyes and brain to findĀ the extraordinary. There areĀ elements that are somewhat hard to find, but once found, stand out without a doubt.

I hope these photos make sense to you. Start by clicking on any photo below – they look better when they are bigger in size! Loop through the photos and see what you think. Every photo has a caption and description too.

This gallery would be updated regularly.